MRA DAV Public School

Solan, Himachal Pradesh - 173213, Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi , Affiliation No: 630043

Code of Conduct  

Code of Conduct

1. Be regular and punctual. Ensure that you reach school by 8.20 a.m.

2. Wear proper school uniform with pride. Every morning learners will be inspected for personal cleanliness and complete uniform. Strict action will be taken against defaulters.

3. No learner will be permitted to go home before the school closes, without the Principal’s permission.

4. Use of foul language and bullying are punishable offences.

5. Carrying and using mobile phone, I-Pods is restricted in the school campus. The defaulters are liable to be expelled from the school. The same will be confiscated and a fine Rs. 1000/- will be imposed.

6. The learners responsible for damaging and disfiguring the school property will be charged for damaging school property and disciplinary action shall be taken.

7. Learners should obey house prefects, class monitors and others learners on duty.

8. A breach of code of conduct will be lead to punishment as under:




Rudeness to teacher.  1. School Uniform.
Coming late for class.  2. School Timing.
Abusive language .


Misbehaviour in the class. Registered warnings
Consequences Send home to get into correct uniform & come back to school.
One warning  

Counselling session of child with Parents.


10. Bring correct text-books/Note books for all periods as per daily time – table.

11. Make full use of the library . Maintain silence in the library at all times.

12. Keep your class room, school & environment clean and tidy.

13. Learners are requested not to visit the classes of their children. Should a parent wish to meet a teacher, he or she may do so, only with the permission of the Principal.

14. Learners who are sick should not be sent to school even to appear in class tests.

15. The learners should carry their Tiffin boxes and not carry money to school.Due to security reasons we do not accept Tiffins sent through servants or friends.

16. Leave for more 3 days shall be granted only with the prior permission of the Principal and no half day leave is allowed.

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